Friday, September 20, 2013

Cargo Ship - International Space Station

I already wrote about how Russia decided to charge an arm and a leg for us to send supplies to the International Space Station. 

In the form of capitalist pigs, the cavalry has arrived. One thing I find interesting in the story is it is a multinational effort.

Orbital's Cygnus space freighter embarks on maiden voyage

The new Cygnus commercial cargo ship has launched on a demonstration voyage to the International Space Station.
Built by Orbital Sciences Corporation (OSC), the robotic vessel lifted off atop an Antares
rocket from the Wallops spaceport in Virginia, US.
Cygnus is one of two private systems seeded by Nasa to meet America's ISS re-supply requirements following the retirement of the space shuttles.
A successful mission will see OSC begin a series of operational cargo flights.
Nasa has awarded the company a $1.9bn (£1.2bn) contract covering eight sorties to the station.
Lift-off occurred at 10:58 local time (14:58 GMT).
The two-stage Antares appeared to work flawlessly. Its aim was to put the freighter in an orbit more than 240km above the Earth.

Cygnus will have to use its own thrusters over the course of the next four days to raise its altitude and chase down the space station.

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