Sunday, October 26, 2008

Russian live missile fire air exercise near Alaska

From our friends at Debka, we learn that:

Not since 1984, just before the fall of the Soviet Union, has Russia ventured to launch dozens of nuclear bombers for an exercise in which Tu-95 Bear bombers will fire live cruise missiles. Exercise Stability 2008 will take place Oct.-6-12 over sub-Arctic Russia, uncomfortably close to Alaska.

Isn't that just wonderful?

As part of the exercise, our sources reported exclusively on Oct. 1, that Russian ships armed with nuclear missiles will dock at Syrian ports Oct. 8, on the eve of Yom Kippur, before continuing to the Caribbean for joint maneuvers with Venezuela.

Yee Haw

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Obama's Economic Policy

Why I Can't Vote for President

Come November I will go to the polls and vote.

If the presidential race was the only issue, I would stay home.

There is no way I would ever vote for Senator Obama, and Senator McCain has proved to be a real disappointment.

Senator McCain not only has run a sorry campaign, but his choice of Gov. Palin for Vice President really floors me.

What the heck was he thinking?

Sara Palin Explains the Job of the Vice President