Sunday, September 21, 2008

Obama, Union Hack

You know what?

I hate liars, and I hate that tool of union goons Senator Barak Obama.

I will give him a break and not call him a liar of tool of union goons.

Is it anymore a complement to say his idea of progress is to expend effort to retard the progression of technology?

Obsolescent Planning

Obama decries the decline of the TV tube industry. What's next, buggy whips?

"A new television ad released Wednesday by Sen. Barack Obama's campaign highlights the closure of Corning Inc.'s plant in State College, Pa., and accuses Washington with Sen. John McCain's help of selling out the workers," the AP reports.

So what did Corning make at the plant? The ad, which you can see HERE does not say, but the AP story does: "glass tubes for television sets and computer monitors."

It's hard to remember now, but in the olden days TV sets and computer monitors used a technology called cathode ray tubes. A CRT consisted of an electron gun that projects an image onto a fluorescent screen. In most cases the gun had to be some distance from the screen, with the entire assembly enclosed in glass, which meant that TVs were bulky and boxy (hence the term "idiot box").

In modern times, the CRT has given way to superior technologies such as plasma and liquid crystal, which take up less space and provide superior picture quality. This is an enormous blessing to all Americans who watch TV or use computers.

It's hard to imagine a more backward-looking position than mourning the decline of the picture-tube industry. What'll Obama do next, promise to restore American supremacy in the manufacture of buggy whips, iron lungs and floppy disks?

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