Sunday, May 30, 2010

Alliance of Civilzations

A visitor to my blog e-mailed me concerning the United Nations Non-Governmental Organization called the Alliance of Civilizations.

I never heard of the alliance before so I checked it out especially since I found without fanfare my country, the United States became a member .

So just what has our silver tonged TelePrompTer addict (President Barak H. Obama) pledged us to?

The answer is easy.

It is another exercise in fuzzy feel good talk with zero results. This is obvious as NGO's have no authority and nobody gives a rip what they recommend, unless it serves their national interests.

The UN's Alliance of Civilizations, a forum for intercultural and interreligious dialogue, meets this week in Rio to discuss the current issues between Islam and the West. But some experts question its usefulness.

I ain't no expert, however the futility is painfully obvious.

While there is no denying that mutual suspicion, fear and misunderstanding between Islamic and Western societies has been increasing since the beginning of the new millennium, specifically after the September 11 terrorist attacks of 2001, political scientists and experts continue to stress that it is not a clash driven by civilizations but by extremists who continue to exploit the instability and differences between the world's cultures.

Would seem to me that some cultures are prone to extremes just because by their nature they are unstable.

"It's difficult to say which issues are more important than others, but migration and education are of special interest," Brazilian diplomat Jose Augusto Lindgren, one of the organisers of the Thursday-to-Saturday event, told reporters.

Well duh, , ,

The west absorbs generous amounts of uneducated peoples who hate the prosperity of their new nations has become a problem for the West.

Some experts in the field of intercultural dialogue are concerned that the biggest issues will not be tackled by the AoC even at a time when their importance makes their solution paramount to peace.

As if the AoC had any influence at all.

"The Arab-Israeli conflict is a central problem in the relationship between the West and Islam when it comes to Arab Muslims," David Bosold, head of the German Council for Foreign Relations'

WOW, this guy certainly is an expert. Who would have guessed?

"It is not so much a political problem with implications for the everyday life of ordinary Arabs outside the West Bank and Gaza or Westerners but an example of two contradictory narratives of truth, human and political rights and legitimacy which makes it difficult to further the understanding of the 'other side' on a broader societal level."

It doesn't take a magnum cum laude graduate of a prestigious university to understand the history of Arab nations using the so called Palestinian peoples as pawns in the war to destroy Israel.

Does this guy think we are all fools or what?

"In addition to this, the two most severe problems lie with lack of information on both sides and, therefore, lacking knowledge of the diversity of the Islamic world and the West,"


The West has way more information than we can digest. I suggest rather than blaming the West countries like Syria, Iran, Lybia,Saudi Arabia and Egypt should look into their own backyards.

it doesn't possess a framework outside of the UN structure. This is a problem, argues Bosold, because the UN has become increasingly irrelevant in international affairs over the last decade.

Last decade???
What planet this guy been living on?

When was the last time the United Nations been relevant?

"Since the Secretary Generals of the UN have increasingly lost the ability to set the international agenda, I don't see how this problem might be remedied when it comes to the AoC."


At least there is a happy ending. Last thing anybody needs the the Sectary General of the UN setting the international agenda.