Thursday, April 19, 2012

So much falsehood has been made of  George Zimmerman's actual 911 call eventually somebody would do a statical audio of

George Zimmerman's Other 911 Calls

Issue if Zimmerman is Released

I have been delinquent in that I have not posted anything about the persecution of  George Zimmerman. Media lies and professional race agitators (Sharpton, Jackson) stirring the mob.

Now with the politically motivated arrest the Florida authorities are faced with letting a man accused of murder out on bail. I am no expert on this, but does it make sense to bail out murderer?

He'll make it out, and should.

Safety, location at issue if Zimmerman is released

After spending a week in a jail cell by himself, the neighborhood watch volunteer charged with murdering Trayvon Martin stands a good chance of being granted bail Friday, despite the severity of the second-degree murder charge he faces.

Whether George Zimmerman is allowed to leave the county as he awaits trial — and how he would remain safe — are two questions likely to be at the center of the hearing at the Seminole County Criminal Justice Center, legal experts say.

"Although it's not routine for people charged with murder to get bond, they do get bond, and I think there is an excellent argument to be made in his specific case for him to be released on bond," said defense attorney Randy McClean, who practices in Seminole County, about 15 miles northeast of Orlando.

Zimmerman has several factors in his favor. For one, he has ties to the local community including family members who are expected to testify by telephone on his behalf at Friday's hearing.

He turned himself in voluntarily after second-degree murder charges were filed against him last week, a good indication that he doesn't pose a flight risk. He has never been convicted of a crime, which suggests that he doesn't pose a threat to society, legal experts said.


India Agni-V Missile

It always strikes me odd that the leader of the non-aligned nations needs nuclear weapons. Not only nukes but missile delivery systems for their nukes.

India tests missile capable of reaching Beijing

NEW DELHI — India successfully test-launched a long-range missile on Thursday that would give it the capability for the first time of sending a nuclear warhead as far as China’s capital, Beijing, officials said.

Officials and defense experts said the Agni-V missile marks a significant improvement in India’s nuclear-deterrent capability and was clearly aimed at bolstering its defense against neighboring China.

They arn't making any bones about it.

The new Agni, which is the Sanskrit word for fire, is seen as part of this military buildup. Although China’s nuclear-missile capability is far greater than India’s, experts said the new missile would help redress the imbalance.

“If you are in a hostile environment, power respects power,” Bhaskar said.

But China reacted frostily, with the Global Times newspaper warning that India was being swept up by “missile delusion” and recalling that it has not signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The Washington Post

Seems the Chinese are a little miffed.