Thursday, January 27, 2011

Internet Television

This is great stuff changing how television entertainment is expanding right before our eyes.

I love the free service by Hulu and enjoy the television and movie programs available with our subscription to NETFLIX.

We been watching DVD movies we want for a flat monthly fee, plus have a selection of movies and television shows on demand via the internet.

Presently I must watch this on the computer but Mrs.Dog is checking out how to set up a home wifi so it can be watched on our television. I have also read where NETFLIX is going to stop mailing DVDs and everything will be available on demand via internet.

I have watched other favorite shows on the internet supplied by the major producers.

Hulu Reworks Its Script as Digital Change Hits TV


Just as the digital wave transforms the television industry, Hulu, a pioneer of Internet TV, is in internal discussions to dramatically transform itself.

The free online television service has become one of the most-watched online video properties in the U.S. and a top earner of web-video ad dollars since its 2008 launch.

But its owners—industry powerhouses NBC Universal, News Corp. and Walt Disney Co.—are increasingly at odds over Hulu's business model. Worried that free Web versions of their biggest TV shows are eating into their traditional business, the owners disagree among themselves, and with Hulu management, on how much of their content should be free.