Sunday, May 23, 2010

Guns OK in Texas Capitol

What an eye opener.
This is great, Texas citizens with a conceal carry license do not have to go thru check points to enter the State Capitol of Texas.
The reasoning is sound, a great step towards fulfilling the full expectations of the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.
I hope this is the first of a trend where Conceal Handgun License become a passport to avoid the usual hassles of metal detectors and baggage search while trying to access entrance to a public building.

UPDATED: Checkpoints open; guns OK in ‘express lane’

Without fanfare, the first step to airport-style security checkpoints were opened today at the four entrances to the Texas Capitol.

The public, visitors and lobbyists must walk through metal detectors and have their purses and briefcases searched. In coming weeks, their belongs will have to go through X-ray machines yet to be installed that will complete the new screening procedures.

State employees can walk around the checkpoint if they show a valid state ID, as can Texans who carry a concealed pistol with a permit.

It’s perhaps the only public building in the country where pistol-packing average Joes can walk through security undeterred.

The express lane for gun owners is clearly marked: “CHL Holders.”