Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Michael Moore, Big Fat Slob

Yup, spring is upon us and the usual vermin erupt out of the soil, jumping, crawling and flying at us from all directions.

In a few weeks we will contract a company to spray chemicals. It is to control or at least minimize the annoying parasites like chiggers and ticks.

Gee, if it were so easy to erase the ignorance of the blind or expose the hypocrisy of the rich who feed upon them.


Imagine that BLOB inspiring anybody while becoming rich beyond belief doing so.

Not only consuming so much of the Earth's resources to maintain his enormous being, but what else does he consume with his $50 million dollars?

I could give a rats ass as to what he does with his personal live, but just where does he stash that 50mil?

He seeks publicity as an advocate for the poor or whatever. One would wonder from which multi national coporations he continues to further enrich himself. Maybe, just maybe a few of his OCCUPY followers are catching on?