Saturday, September 28, 2013

Obama, Kill Jobs, Coal

That rascal who occupies the White House is a real piece of work.

Since before the Obama occupation our country has suffered a depressed economy. One would think the President would do everything possible to relieve this situation. No secret there has been a lot of unemployment which leads me to wonder.

What is it with that guy's problem with COAL? 

 For what purpose that Barry would put hundreds of thousands of people out of work?

That guy continues the lie he cares about the MIDDLE CLASS, then boasts

"You know, when I was asked earlier about the issue of coal, uh, you know -- Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. Even regardless of what I say about whether coal is good or bad."

President Obama, Why Are You So Determined To Kill America's Coal Industry?

On Sept. 20 the Obama Administration proposed regulations that would require
future coal-fired power plants to deploy currently nonexistent technologies to reduce their CO
2emissions. The President has also directed the Environmental Protection Agency to propose rules next year to reduce CO2 emissions from existing coal fired plants. Coal provides nearly 40 percent of America’s electricity – no small amount –

EPA admits new coal regulations won't reduce global warming

An Environmental Protection Agency proposal designed to reduce CO2 emissions and reduce global warming will actually have no “notable CO2 emission changes.”
So, a rule that will essentially ban new coal-fired power plants will actually have no impact on global warming. Got it.
“The EPA does not anticipate that this proposed rule will result in notable CO2 emission changes, energy impacts, monetized benefits, costs, or economic impacts by 2022,” the EPA writes under the comments section of its proposal.
The EPA also admits that “the owners of newly built electric generating units will likely choose technologies that meet these standards even in the absence of this proposal due to existing economic conditions as normal business practice.”

Dispelling Some Popular Myths on CO2 Emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set out on the next step to make
certain coal never sees the light of day. Approximately 36 coal-fired power plants would be the immediate victims. Newspapers and liberal blogs are certain to applaud what the EPA is about to do and support that agency's claim it is all part of an effort to prevent Global Warming (AKA Climate Change). Many laymen will be willing to go with what they read, trusting that it is correct and unwilling (or unable) to check for accuracy or factual truth. In some ways this submission is preaching to the choir, but the following facts might be useful to the choir provided it is willing to sing its shocking lyrics to the environmentalists.

American Thinker

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Iranians after U.S. Drone Scared Off

Normally I frown on acts of bravado, but times like this it serves a good purpose. The purpose, demoralizing the enemy is always worth while, not to mention fun.

U.S. pilot scares off Iranians with ‘Top Gun’-worthy stunt

The U.S. Air Force has a message for Iran: Don’t mess with our drones.

In what only can be described as a scene out of Tom Cruise’s “Top Gun,” Gen. Mark A. Welsh IIIAir Force chief of staff, describes how F-22 stealth jets scared off Iranian jets from a U.S. drone flying in international airspace.

The Aviationist reports that in March a U.S. MQ-1 drone came close to being intercepted by an Iranian F-4 Phantom combat plane, but the Iranian aircraft stopped short after a warning by an American pilot.
“He [the Raptor pilot] flew under their aircraft [the F-4s] to check out their weapons load without them knowing that he was there, and then pulled up on their left wing and then called them and said ‘you really ought to go home,’” Gen. Welsh said.
According to The Aviationist, the Iranians came within 16 miles of the drone.

Toilet Paper Factory Takeover

Venezuela orders temporary takeover of toilet paper factory

Let's see if we can't get to the bottom of this.

Sorry, just couldn't resist.

Of course socialist Venezuelan President Maduro automatic reaction is to blame factory owners.  I often wonder about socialists so locked on to their ideology actually can't comprehend how their policies failed.  Looks like there is something about the concept of supply and demand which escapes them.

 A Venezuelan state agency on Friday ordered the temporary takeover of a factory that produces toilet paper in what it called an effort to ensure consistent supplies after embarrassing shortages earlier this year.
Critics of President Nicolas Maduro say the nagging shortages of products ranging from bathroom tissue to milk are a sign his socialist government's rigid price and currency controls are failing. They have also used the situation to poke fun at his administration on social media networks.