Saturday, July 28, 2012

Russia Planning Life after Assad?

As the saying goes, there is a time to hold them, and a time to fold them.

Seems Russia is not certain of its ally, Bashar Assad in Syria and is moving forward. No one can blame them. I mean really. How would they benefit from sticking around?

Navy chief says Russia wants naval bases abroad

MOSCOW — Russia is talking to Cuba, Vietnam and the Indian Ocean island country of Seychelles about housing Russian navy ships, the nation’s navy chief said in remarks reported Friday.

Vice Admiral Viktor Chirkov told the state RIA Novosti news agency that Russia is in talks about setting up maintenance and supply facilities for Russian ships in those countries but wouldn’t give any further details, the Associated Press reported.

Russia’s only existing naval base outside the Soviet Union is located in the Syrian port of Tartus. A squadron of Russian navy ships, including several assault ships carrying marines, is currently heading to Tartus in a show of support for a longtime ally whom Moscow protected from international sanctions and continued to supply with weapons.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Colorado Gun Sales Increase.

Seems that all kind of worry warts, from President Obama on down see the tragedy in Aurora, CO as an opportunity to promote restricting citizens access to firearms.

Well, seems folk in Colorado take a different view.

Demand for guns in Colorado jumps in wake of movie massacre

Colorado gun stores are seeing a big jump in demand for firearms since last Friday's massacre at a midnight movie showing in Aurora.

Background checks for people wanting to buy guns in Colorado reportedly increased more than 41 percent after last week’s Aurora movie massacre. The Denver Post reports that firearm instructors have also seen increased interest in training needed for a concealed-carry permit.

"It's been insane," Jake Meyers, an employee at Rocky Mountain Guns and Ammo in Parker told the newspaper Monday.

Between Friday and Sunday, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation approved background checks for 2,887 people who wanted to purchase a firearm — a 43 percent increase over the previous Friday through Sunday and a 39 percent jump over those same days on the first weekend of July.


President Obama Promotes Gun Control

It is not so much about President Obama's view on limiting citizens right to arms  which I find interesting. That seems a given.

Obama calls for measures against gun violence

Faced with a clamor in his party for stricter gun control in the wake of the Colorado movie-theater massacre, President Obama said Wednesday night he would “leave no stone unturned” in seeking new measures to reduce violence nationwide, including more restrictive background checks on gun purchases.
More than the law already allows??

“A lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals,” Mr. Obama said at the annual National Urban League convention in New Orleans. “They belong on the battlefield of war, not on the streets of our cities.”

First of all, considering the killer in Aurora, CO did not possess an AK-47, what prompted the president to use that as an example?

Then I wonder just where President Obama gets his information as to what gun owners think?

Now, check this out.

The president blamed “politics and lobbying” for defeating gun-control measures when outcries arise after mass shootings in the U.S.

Here he is crying about is the resistance of the American people to his agenda.

Now get this.

But the White House has been saying since the shooting last week that Mr. Obama has no plans to seek new gun legislation.


“We’ve been able to take some actions on our own, recognizing that it’s not always easy to get things through Congress these days,”

Mr. President, it's suppose to be difficult to get things through Congress as that was the idea of our Founding Fathers.

Washington Times