Sunday, February 17, 2008

Muslims Gone Wild in Denmark

What did it take.

3000 years for Europe to become a civil and reasonably prosperous place to live. Europe has a rich history of intellect, art and culture.

It was a diffcult road, not always enlightened, but I believe it is about time for Europe to enjoy the fruits of its labor to todays status, a tolerant and free democracy.

Well, that tolerance was not without a price, and seems there should be some rethinking on that subject.

We cannot have a civil society when we invite barbarians who do not understand Western Culture of free expression, exchange of ideas and free press.

Muslims Let Loose in Denmark

How many times will it take for us to get it?
Islamic society is just not agreeable with Western norms of mutual respect.

How does
Iran or Gaza City
fit in to this mess?

Long story short, they don't fit into this, unless it is in the most damaging wayl

Maybe Iran's Amanutjob and Hamas should pay better attention to the problems in their own backyard.