Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This just confirms to me a long held belief that public demonstration over all are feel good events.

It is not lost to me that this is a valuable way to bring concerns to the general public.
One would think that when in public some decorum, presenting your best face would go a long way for your cause.
Unfortunately for the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters they come off looking like a bunch of hippy scum I would never care to meet.

Sex and drugs on tap, who says it's not a political partaaay? Occupy Wall Street protesters make love as well as class war

It started as a gathering of furious youngsters, protesting about the supposed lack of opportunities for the average American. But then the freeloaders came along.

As the Occupy Wall Street protest continued in full strength in Manhattan today, the atmosphere in New York's financial district has become increasingly debauched.

Conspicuously living among the politically active in the makeshift village in Zuccotti Park are opportunistic junkies and homeless people - making the most of the free food on offer.

Also present and infuriating the hard core of activists are a number of teens looking to turn the gathering into an urban rave.

Among the banners and flags are now discarded packets of condoms, cigarettes and bottles of spirits, while naked youngsters happily get together with just sleeping bags covering their modesty.

A box of free condoms is kept in the main area where protesters are camping. In one shocking picture, a man can be seen defecating on a police car.

‘I got warrants. I’m running from the law,’ a 24-year-old man from Stamford, Connecticut, told the New York Post. ‘I’m not even supposed to be here, but it’s as good a spot as any to hide.’



It's a shame, really.

Tax payers must pay police to play the parent role, then the cries, typical of such idiots claim brutality.

Nothing new here.
Taxpayers pay to clean up the child's play-pen

Sunday, October 9, 2011


As much as I hate the Los Angeles Times, and always suspect their news coverage, but they seem to be on top of this ATFE Gun-walker debacle.

It just galls me, a newspaper, Editorially anti-basic American freedoms can get its jollies off with this story.

They haven't done it yet, far as I know, but they will eventually get around to using it against citizens Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

So now we read about the ATFE's cozy relationship with Jose Antonio Torres Marrufo, a feared cartel leader.

Fast and Furious weapons were found in Mexico cartel enforcer's home
Guns illegally purchased under the ATF operation were found in April hidden in violence-plagued Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, court records show.

This arsenal uncovered by police in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, in April turned out to include weapons from the ATF's ill-fated Fast and Furious operation.
High-powered assault weapons illegally purchased under the ATF's Fast and Furious program in Phoenix ended up in a home belonging to the purported top Sinaloa cartel enforcer in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, whose organization was terrorizing that city with the worst violence in the Mexican drug wars.

In all, 100 assault weapons acquired under Fast and Furious were transported 350 miles from Phoenix to El Paso, making that West Texas city a central hub for gun traffickers. Forty of the weapons made it across the border and into the arsenal of Jose Antonio Torres Marrufo, a feared cartel leader in Ciudad Juarez, according to federal court records and trace documents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The smugglers' tactics — quickly moving the weapons far from ATF agents in southern Arizona, where it had been assumed they would circulate — vividly demonstrate that what had been viewed as a local problem was much larger. Six other Fast and Furious guns destined for El Paso were recovered in Columbus, N.M.



Full coverage: ATF's Fast and Furious scandal

Good Reading

Muslims and Coptic Christians Clash

It was bound to happen.

Nobody should be surprised that after President Honsi Mubarak left office, there would be a struggle, sometimes ugly,  to fill the resulting power vacuum. 

Extremism is not the sole province of Muslims. Scapegoating is a  tradition shared all over the world throughout history.

12 dead in Egypt as Christians and Muslims clash

CAIRO — Clashes between Muslims and Coptic Christians in a Cairo suburb left 12 people dead, dozens wounded and a church charred in one of the most serious outbreaks of violence Egypt’s interim rulers have faced since taking power in February.

The unrest began Saturday night in the Imbaba district northwest of Cairo, as a mob of hard-line Muslims attacked the Virgin Mary church. A separate group of youths also attacked an apartment building several blocks away, residents said.

The assaults were the latest agitation triggered by allegations that Copts have held women against their will because they intended to convert to Islam.

FULL STORY-Washington Post

An accusation which the Christians deny.