Monday, June 23, 2008

Barak Obama Explains Change

I will make it no secret that I am no fan of Senator Obama. From what I gather he is a left wing fruitcake.

But what the hey, who am I to just sit here and cast dispersions. Name calling is not really good form, so I will give the man his due.

Maybe there is something to this "CHANGE" thing.

So much for a man of principle, But that the principle is the end of the means.

Tell you the truth, I hate the idea of limiting free speech, which is exactly what this federal government policy does.

Far as I am concerned, it is not that there is to much money spent on presidential campaign's, but that there is not enough.

I find it incredible that there is not a billion dollars spent on a presidential campaign election.

With all that said, Senator Obama suckered his followers in this idea of change, and he just now did that, made a change.

He is the first presidential candidate in over thirty years or so to not accept campaign spending limits.

It is only obvious that his message, whatever it is needs the boost of a couple of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mexican Uncultred

An uncultured society comes to America, via Los Angeles, CA.

What Mexicans Bring to America

E.U - Multiculti empire

I sit here and wonder what the hell is going on?

Why are civilized people giving in the ignorant and uncultured?

Expense Allowance Abuse by MEPs

What, do they think they work for the United State House of Representatives?

One would think this is a good thing, that these crooks did not stick around to make more bad laws, but fact is they have no powers at all!

I should have such a job, but in the real world people have to work, do something of value to get a paycheck.

Seems it is universal, politicians are more about the money than serving their constituents.

I am not quite that cynical, but all too often those who really work are damned by the sick, lame and lazy.