Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Amazing USS Zumwalt

The most modern of warships, USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) probably the most
revolutionary advancement in naval ships since the USS Nautilus (SSN-571).

I realize this is an expensive platform, but in a nutshell as stated in the following comentary, 

decision may have been penny wise and pound foolish, as it leaves significant voids in the Navy’s ability to adapt to future threats. Most notably, ending the Zumwalt program in favor of buying upgraded versions of the decades-old Arleigh-Burke DDG-51 destroyers limits the Navy’s capabilities without significantly reducing costs.

Only three DDG-1000 are to be built. I expect, hope this decision to be reversed. Won't be overnight, a few years down the road.

Cancelling the DDG-1000 Was a Big Mistake
by Ben Freeman
January 2015

The U.S. Navy’s DDG-1000 Zumwalt-class destroyers are extraordinarily expensive. Since
2009, the cost of the ships has increased 34.4 percent, according to the Congressional Research Service. Each of the three Zumwalt’s being built will cost taxpayers around $3.4 billion. And, that’s on top of the more than $9 billion in research and design funding that has gone into this program.

Are they worth the price? The Navy didn’t think so in 2009 when Secretary of Defense Robert Gates announced the program would end with the procurement of just three ships, down from the 32 ships the Navy had initially planned to buy.

But, now that the first Zumwalt is actually in the water, there’s growing concern that this decision may have been penny wise and pound foolish, as it leaves significant voids in the Navy’s ability to adapt to future threats.

The problem with using DDG-51s in lieu of DDG-1000s is that they are “ill-suited to providing defensive cover for LCS or helping the Navy conduct operations in a coastal environment,” says Young. 

Thus, it’s not at all clear how LCS will be able to safely operate in littoral waters given that, alone, it’s “not expected to be survivable in high-intensity combat,” according to J. Michael Gilmore, Defense Department director of operational test and evaluation.

All of these comparisons between DDG-51s and DDG-1000s belie the fact that the ships should not be competitors; they serve different, but complementary roles that are both essential for the future of the U.S. Navy. Fortunately, it’s not too late for Congress to act — the DDG-1000 production line is still hot. If we’re serious about having a Navy that can adapt to the threats of tomorrow, then we need to get serious about DDG-1000’s today. 

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NYPD in virtual work stoppage

Since the execution of two New York Police Officers and Mayor DeBlasio having no concept of what police work is about, it was bound to come to this.

As DeBasio chums around with the likes of Al Sharpton, how should the rank and file look at him the mayor?
It’s not a slowdown — it’s a virtual work stoppage.
NYPD traffic tickets and summonses for minor offenses have dropped off by a staggering 94 percent following the execution of two cops — as officers feel betrayed by the mayor and fear for their safety, The Post has learned.

Police sources said Monday that safety concerns were the main reason for the drop off in police activity, but added that some cops were mounting an undeclared slowdown in protest of de Blasio’s response to the non-indictment in the police choke hold death of Eric Garner.

It has helped contribute to a nose dive in low-level policing, with overall arrests down 66 percent for the week starting Dec. 22 compared with the same period in 2013, stats show.
Citations for traffic violations fell by 94 percent, from 10,069 to 587, during that time frame.
Summonses for low-level offenses like public drinking and urination also plunged 94 percent — from 4,831 to 300.
Even parking violations are way down, dropping by 92 percent, from 14,699 to 1,241.
Drug arrests by cops assigned to the NYPD’s Organized Crime Control Bureau — which are part of the overall number — dropped by 84 percent, from 382 to 63
Arrests plummet 66% with NYPD in virtual work stoppage

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

We all know this guy Al Sharpton.

Anyone ever known him to be anything less than a loud mouth agitator disliked by many?

Here is a moment ya all been waiting for,

Al Sharpton, A Quiet Moment

Onlookers were dumbfounded last week, confronted with a strange, unsettling sight.  Somebody managed to pull himself together, and took a picture of the Reverend Al that will go down in history

 It was scary."  Someone pulled himself together long enough to call paramedics.  

"we didn't know what to do"