Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Another Excuse to Loot and Destroy

Here we go again. 

Shooting Death of Black Man by White Officer Spurs Protests in St. Louis Suburb

This time there is VIDEO,

 Even if clear would anybody expect anything other than burning, looting etc.
We’ve seen the chanted lies,  HANDS UP DON’T SHOOT, I CAN’T BREATH to inflame the feral population. I am wondering if this time the mantra will be something along the lines of 

Officer Did Not Have Body Camera On

It is a now no win war when we suffer folk like always about Al

I don't know about New York City politic, the the concept that BIG AL reportedly has the ear of Mayor Bill de Blasio by itself would be disturbing. But then Mayor Blasio is a disturbing concept

It is the business of the folk of New York City. 

I am sitting here looking at this crook reportedly visited the White House 81

Well, Barry [aka Obama] learned big city politics in Chicago. 

Al Sharpton's $4.5 Million Tax Bill 

Another Obama IRA scandal to pile on other scandals.

Berkeley Officer-Involved Shooting 12-23-2014