Wednesday, November 24, 2010

North Korea, Go Figure

This is insane.

North Korea bombs South Korea's Yeonpyeong island; 2 dead, 13 wounded in attack: report

Tensions between North and South Korea have boiled over, with shots being fired by both sides leaving at least two marines dead and wounding more than 13 others.

The conflict came to a head on Tuesday when the North fired artillery at an island belonging to the South in the Yellow Sea, according to military officials.

Of course my nations answer to this is resolute.

U.S. Struggles With Mystery: Pyongyang's Game

WASHINGTON—North Korea's attack on South Korea is further complicating U.S. efforts to contain Pyongyang, as the White House increasingly struggles to comprehend what is driving leader Kim Jong Il's regime.

U.S. Defense and State Department officials increasingly believe Mr. Kim's recent military adventures are motivated by a desire to guarantee the transfer of power to his third son, Kim Jong Eun. The rationale they cite is that conflict with the South will galvanize nationalist support around the 26-year-old, particularly among potential competitors in the military and Communist Party.

Still, recent actions taken by the North in recent days are undercutting other long-held U.S. assumptions about Mr. Kim's strategies. ries

For what its worth.