Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tornadoes near New York City

Here in Kansas we experience plenty of tornadoes, and even here it is always news. Of course it is as we just want to know how far away the nearest one was. Of course seeing a tornado or suffering damage from one, isn't news, it just just a fact of life.

Now, when was the last time a tornado touched down in the vicenety of New York City?

Tornadoes Touch Down in Brooklyn and Queens

A tornado ripped through a beach club in Queens on Saturday, one of several outbursts of severe weather across the New York region that flooded roads, felled power lines and forced the delay of the United States Open.

A second tornado touched down in Canarsie, Brooklyn, the National Weather Service said.

The swirling columns of wind and water in Queens, captured by dozens of people on cellphones and almost instantly posted on the Internet, lasted only minutes, according to witnesses. But in that short time the tornado tore down walls, lifted roofs off homes and tangled power lines as it cut a path through the Rockaways, near Breezy Point.

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