Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Russian Helicopters for Syria Stopped

Dang, the plot thickens. I was under the impression that the helicopter deal was a no go, and, hard to believe, I was just so wrong.

British Insurer Pulls Cover on Russian Arms Ship

A British marine insurer has withdrawn cover from a Russian ship believed to be carrying overhauled combat helicopters to Syria, after finding out there were weapons on-board.

The MV Alaed, currently in the North Sea, is believed to be carrying a cargo of Mil Mi-25 attack helicopters en route to Syria from Russia as well as coastal-based anti-ship missiles. Russian cargo line Femco, which owns the MV Alaed, says the insurer, Standard Club, has suspended cover on its ships.

OOOH, so there are helicopters! I am shocked, just shocked!

Now get this.

He also said military equipment being supplied to Syria was defensive in nature and could not be used against civilians.

RIA Novosti

What an incredible lie. I would like to see the weapon which can distinguish between civilians and combatants, but I ain't holding my breath.

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