Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sometimes, there are people who amaze me. I mean really.

When a young boy I built stilts from 2x4's to stagger around eight feet tall.. That was cool and all, but really. Running on springs is, something of comic book hero stuff, and this guy pulls it off.

Not happy with just the ability to do such a thing, he need competition. What a guy.

Paralympic sprinter Jerome Singleton claims to be ‘fastest amputee in the world’

In the great tradition of American sprinting, strong young men run fast and talk even faster. Jerome Singleton Jr. brings the full sprint-star package, from the charming conceit to the stocked résumé. During a recent news conference in Dallas with fellow U.S. athletes, Singleton smiled broadly, tossed humility out the window and let it be known who was in the room.

“My name is Jerome Singleton Jr.,” he said into a microphone. “I’m the fastest amputee in the world.”
He’s America’s answer to Oscar Pistorius, the widely acclaimed South African sprinter hoping to compete in both the Olympics and Paralympic Games this summer. The way Singleton sees it, he and Pistorius, whom he defeated at the most recent world championships in the 100 meters for below-knee amputees, are going to have one compelling, must-watch showdown at the Paralympics in London.

Washington Post

Excuse me for being impolite, as I hate the term "handicap", seeing these two cripples going head to head is an inspiration.

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