Friday, December 17, 2010

North Korean Assassin Assimilates

This is an interesting story. A classic if any from the Cold War.

Failed North Korean Assassin Assimilates in the South

HIS fatal mistake, the North Korean commando soon came to realize, was not killing the South Korean villagers when he had the chance. The orders were clear, if he and his fellow assassins came upon any civilians: kill them immediately, bury them and get on with the mission to slip into Seoul and kill the president.

But this was late January, the high-mountain ground was frozen, and Kim Shin-jo, a 27-year-old special forces lieutenant, did not want to go to the effort of digging graves. Instead he warned the villagers, encountered one night during the journey from the North, not to go to the authorities, after which he and his men continued on toward the Blue House, the presidential residence.

What a lazy malingerer. Don't get me wrong, but he is not the kind of guy I would want to count on.

But the villagers ignored the warning and went straight to the police, who then alerted the military. “That was when it all began to unravel,” Mr. Kim said.

The rest of the story ends well, for Mr. Kim and one other assassin, but not after,

A ferocious gun battle broke out, and dozens of South Korean troops and civilians were killed. A school bus reportedly was caught in the cross-fire, and three American soldiers also were killed.
As the North Korean raiding party scattered and retreated northward, hunted for more than a week, all but two of the attackers committed suicide or were killed. One survivor was a commando who got back safely to the North and later became a general. The other was Mr. Kim.

You can read the rest of the story

I am to far away in time and space to forgive or forget, so I leave that to those he attempted to destroy.

At the same time, I find it regrettable that the New York Times in its front pages takes an editorial position that this murderous assassin is somehow a decent guy after all.

All things considered, has anything really changed in the last 50 years?

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