Saturday, December 11, 2010

Iran's Lost Fortune

How happy are people in Iran?

Rationing Fuels Discontent In Iran

Ahmadinejad Tries To Curb Gas Subsidy

TEHRAN, June 30 -- President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who swept to power promising that every family would benefit from the nation's oil wealth, now faces growing domestic discontent over newly imposed fuel rationing and skyrocketing consumer prices.
Rationing Fuel in Iran

How happy would you be if living on a sea of Oil you would be if fuel is rationed? Would seem to me something is going/gone wrong.

Tehran’s pollution menace, déjà vu all over again

By Salman Ansari Javid

Twelve years ago I returned to Tehran after a long extended trip abroad. I was surprised to see people walking in masks on the streets of Tehran. At that point plans for the inauguration of the Tehran Metro along with introduction of Bus Rapid Transportation (BRT) system were being finalized and despite the smog there was hope in the air.

More than a decade later, after the implementation of these plans, Tehran’s traffic remains a nightmare and its pollution levels dangerously high. As a result until recently elementary schools remain closed and many government offices and banks were running on skeleton staff.

Tehran Pollution

Seems odd to me a country rich in oil must conserve that product, much less with that profits from that oil it should be getting to invest in basic quality of life like in breathable air.

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