Sunday, December 20, 2009

President Obama the the Democratic goons should hang their heads low. It is cruel the dishonorable way they favor Big Money Union over the education of our youth.

'Duplicitous and Shameful'

The waiting is finally over for some of the District of Columbia's most ambitious school children and their parents. Democrats in Congress voted to kill the District's Opportunity Scholarship Program, which provides 1,700 disadvantaged kids with vouchers worth up to $7,500 per year to attend a private school.

I have seen this same story repeated over and over. Union Hacks sole purpose for existence is raping the public troth and have zero concern for what parents and taxpayers want, education for our children.

On Sunday the Senate approved a spending bill that phases out funding for the five-year-old program. Several prominent Senators this week sent a letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid pleading for a reconsideration. Signed by Independent-Democrat Joe Lieberman, Democrats Robert Byrd and Dianne Feinstein, and Republicans Susan Collins and John Ensign, it asked to save a program that has "provided a lifeline to many low-income students in the District of Columbia." President Obama signed the bill Thursday.

The program's popularity has generated long waiting lists. A federal evaluation earlier this year said the mostly black and Hispanic participants are making significant academic gains and narrowing the achievement gap. But for the teachers unions, this just can't happen. The National Education Association instructed Democratic lawmakers to kill it.

Democrats shaft Poor Students

But hey, once in a while, on the local level the bastards can be beaten.

Editorial: Better than expected

Getting there wasn't pretty, and some of it was pure nonsense. But finally, the Legislature finished the job of preparing Michigan schools for a leap in quality and accountability.

Michigan's Race to the Top legislation, months overdue and needed so the state can compete for more than $400 million in federal dollars, came to fruition on Saturday -- nothing less than a holiday miracle for a bitterly divided Lansing.


That editorial is a good read. a lesson on how in Michigan the deceitful and monied Union Gangsters will stoop to no low in chasing the almighty dollar.

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