Saturday, October 3, 2009

Chicago's Gun Ban

Curious, the anti gun people don't understand that the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution is just as valid as the other nine Amendments.

Supreme Court to take up Chicago gun ban

The case challenging a handgun ban in Chicago will decide whether the individual right to bear arms upheld by the Supreme Court in a D.C. case last year applies to all states and cities, too.

Washington - Fifteen months after declaring that Americans have an individual right to keep and bear arms, the US Supreme Court on Wednesday agreed to decide an equally important issue – whether that constitutional protection applies not only in federal jurisdictions but in every city, county, and state in the nation.

What, nobody ever heard of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution ?

The case is important not only because it will be a historic development in the interpretation of the Constitution, but also because it will establish basic ground rules for future gun control efforts.

An appeals court ruled in the Chicago case that the city's handgun ban did not violate the Constitution because the Supreme Court had not yet declared whether its decision in the Heller case established a fundamental right to guns applicable throughout the US.

See no reason this isn't a slam dunk.

People of Chicago should see relief in that they should be able to exercise their rights under our Bill of Rights to own a firearm.

Of course implicit is the right to use such firearms for then intended use for which they are designed.

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